Tips and Rewards

Like all Crime Stoppers programmes the world over, our primary mandate is to provide ways for people to anonymously provide information about crimes to law enforcement agencies, and to encourage them to do so by offering rewards.

to facilitate tip submission, we have a call center in Miami that takes calls on our tip hotline, 800-8477, gathers the tipster’s information and forwards it on to the TCIPS for action. In addition, we utilize “TipSoft” software to allow tipsters to submit their information online. This information is also related anonymously to the RCIPS.

However the tips are submitted, if they lead to an arrest, they are eligible for a reward. The RCIPS bring tips that resulted in arrests to the Cayman Crime Stoppers board of directors. A formula is applied based on factors including the nature and seriousness of the crime to produce a recommended reward amount, up to $1,000. Once approved by the Board, this information is relayed to the Miami call center. When the tipster calls back, they are informed of the reward and can arrange payment through whatever means they wish. Anonymity is preserved throughout the entire process from tip to payout.