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Cayman Crime Stoppers relies on the same three pillars that all Crime Stoppers programmes do the world over: the Police, the Media and the Public. It takes the support and co-operation of all three of these groups to make the programme successful.

Worldwide statistics have proven how successful the Crime Stoppers programme is and our experience here in the Cayman Islands is no different. Tips are received, crimes are solved and rewards are paid. You can be a part of that success, by submitting a crime tip, spreading the word about Cayman Crime Stoppers or offering your financial support.

SPECIAL REWARD: With funding from the Cayman Islands Government, Cayman Crime Stoppers is facilitating a reward of up to $50,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person, or persons, for the commission of serious, or gun-related offences.

How we works

If you have witnessed a crime or have information that could lead to an arrest in a criminal matter, Please help us

You dont have to give your name. Just call our anonymous tip line or submit it online via this website.

  • Submit a tip
  • Note down tip reference number
  • Our team will action on tip
  • Get reward

Crime stoppers are not the police

We are independent charity working to help communities.

Nobody will know you have helped us

Your computer or mobile phone IP addresses cannot be tracked or saved. Its completely anonymous.

We pay cash rewards of up to $1,000

If information you gave us leads to an arrest or is of significant use you will be rewarded.

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